North and South Studios is the blending of two very unique digital stores:  Sherry S, doing business as Nellie Bell’s Unique Boutique (from Georgia) and Leslie Schrader-Fagnan, doing business as lsdzines (New York).


Leslie: In October 2015, after a 12-13 year hiatus away from a 10-year career in graphic design and all things Photoshop, Leslie came across digital scrapbooking.  She loved other crafts using paper, her Silhouette cutting machine, paint, etc., but found she got bored quickly, primarily because she hated cleaning up her mess when she was done!

Leslie’s second 10-year career was in the medical field (I know, I know, the two aren’t even closely related!), but after a serious medical condition, she had to leave that job.  Day after day of being a housewife (she is a terrible housewife.  She can’t believe she hasn’t been fired yet!), even with her other hobbies, became boring.

Somehow, she came across a lot of digital scrapbooking Photoshop/Photoshop Elements tutorials on Youtube, and since it had been so long since she touched Photoshop or any design program, it was like relearning from Day 1.  However, she quickly found she learned way more in the scrapbook world than she ever learned on the job!  Leslie was hooked!  After joining a Facebook group, she quickly met Sherry, and a great friendship was formed!

In January 2016, Leslie decided the scrapbook pages she was making were “sort of” hers, but not really hers since she used others’ art to make them.  This prompted her to begin making her own papers, brushes, elements and other items.  This is when she decided to start selling her own creations.  Her first venture was with Etsy, but since upload file sizes were limited, most of her paper and texture sets never made it there.

Since Leslie was new to the digital scrapbook world, and Sherry was a long-time veteran, she relied heavily on Sherry to teach her the ropes of selling.  Sherry originally joined lsdzines’ Creative Team, and after very little discussion, they decided to become business partners and that is how North and South Studios came to be!


Sherry is a mother of four and Nana of 10 and 1/2 .  She was born and raised in Georgia and likes lazy days and even lazier nights.

Sherry started her digital journey with card making in 1995 with a dot matrix printer and a generic software package. She was introduced to Photoshop when a dear uncle gave it as a gift. From then on, Sherry was hooked. 

Sherry began to update the cards and founded Just 4 Today Cards, a self discovery journey. From there she went to digital scrapbooking.   Sherry is self taught,  although she had to relearn due to memory loss caused by a health issue in September of 2014.