New from lsdzines!

I have just recently finished creating a couple of new product sets – painterly backgrounds!  Use them as the backgrounds or overlays for your photographic composites, art journals, digital scrapbooks, webpages and any other digital needs you can think of!

As usual, these products are also commercial use!

Find them here!

dziner Painterly Background Set 2

dziner Painterly Background Set 1

Deep Space Collection

lsdzines is quite excited about the release of the new Deep Space Collection – hopefully just one of many more to come!  I have always been fascinated with deep space.  I can’t remember a time I was not fascinated with it!  It took me a little while, but I finally carved out some time to learn how to make spacey elements in Photoshop!  I plan to make so much more space-related items!  They were really fun to make!

The first collection includes six jpg backgrounds – four of them are 12 x 12 and two of them are horizontal at just under 10 x 12 inches at 300 ppi.  There are five planets total, one with a Saturn-like ring, all in png format.  A stand-alone planet ring is also included.

Before offering this collection for sale, I sent all the planets and a background off to my photo lab for processing and everything printed out amazingly!

Click here to go directly to the collection!  As always, I would LOVE to see what spacey scenes you come up with using this collection!

Youtube Video Mini Tutorial!

It appears I have been neglecting this blog for some time now!  It’s not because I have stopped  doing my “thing,” but rather I have been doing my thing too much!  I have been crazy busy creating things to put in the store (North and South Studios ), creating images with those items, getting things ready and putting them in an art gallery and gift shop, and trying to learn various new software!

Today, however, I finally finished my very first youtube video! The quality is really low – I had that figured out once, then I couldn’t get back to creating a video for a couple of weeks so I forgot what I learned! Hopefully next time it will be higher!

This is a very mini tutorial on the Tulip image I created a few weeks back. The video is less than 3 minutes. 

Here is the image I am referring to:


View it on youtube here:

(I haven’t figured out how to attach a video to a WordPress blog yet.  It wasn’t as easy as my Blogger blog)

Light Leaks! How Fun!

I am having a lot of fun adding these light leaks to my images.  Depending on the blend mode I choose, I can either lighten an area or darken it.  There are several different blend mode options that work, too, depending on the image.  Hopefully this is Set 1 of many more to come!  Check out the before light leak and after light leak images on my rhino photo. The light leak gave him a warm glow!

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