Changes at North and South Studios

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We have updated our look!  We changed our theme and our graphic elements.  With this theme, we were able to get our shop page thumbnails much larger.  The smaller images were really bugging me on the old theme!  Also, lsdzines has decided to start selling Fine Art products from a different location.  The textures that already exist in the main shop will remain there, but most new textures will be sold from the subdomain.  Click lsdzines Fine Art link above to be taken there!  This will make it easier for those who aren’t into designing find already-created prints that can be purchased as well as blank-inside greeting cards (that have yet to be uploaded).

One thing that hasn’t changed at North and South Studios, however, is the excellent customer service you will receive and the high quality products from Sherry S, lsdzines and Nellie Bell!

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Leslie (from New York) and Sherry (from Georgia) met in a digital scrapbook Facebook group in October 2015 when Leslie first started learning about scrapping with Photoshop/Elements. Sherry, being a long term veteran to the digital world, helped Leslie learn the ropes. In January 2016, Leslie decided she wanted to start making her own digital products to sell. Sherry soon joined Leslie's team at lsdzines, working her tail off helping package and market products. Within a couple of weeks, the ladies decided they wanted to be a partnership and North and South Studios was born! North and South is comprised of Sherry S Designs, Nellie Bell's Unique Boutique (also Sherry's shop) and lsdzines. Each individual store has their own unique line of products that they sell.

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