New in the Store!

New in the Store!

Texture Sets 9, 14, 15, 16 and 17 are now in the store.  Why is 9 in there with the others, you ask?  Because I started that set a while ago and forgot all about it!  Silly me!  This image was created with two textures from Set 9.  Prints of it will be available on the other side of our store ( soon!

Also new is a Photoshop Brush Stroke Set.  These were created in my art room, scanned into the computer and made into abr files.  Which brings me to the last new item in the store:  new clipping masks!  You know I can’t make new brush stroke sets without making new clipping masks with them!  That’s almost the whole point of the brushes in the first place!  And don’t forget!  The older masks are on sale now for a limited time!

Click Here for the link to the textures.

Click Here for clipping masks.

and, Click Here for the new brushes!


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