North and South Studios is the blending of two very unique digital stores:  Sherry, doing business as Nellie Bell’s Unique Boutique (from Georgia) and Leslie Schrader-Fagnan, doing business as Artfully Yours, Leslie (formerly lsdzines) (New York).


Sherry of Nellie Bell

Hello! Sherry here, more commonly known as Nellie Bell in the digital community. I started my digital journey with card making in 1995 with a dot matrix printer and a generic software package. I was introduced to Photoshop when a dear uncle gave it as a gift (thank you Uncle Robert!). It was instant addiction and I’ve never looked back.

As I began to update the cards I founded Just4Today Cards, a self discovery journey. Just4Today Cards have been used in Corporate Offices, a local Mental Health Clinic and a local Church for Street Ministry. From there I went to digital scrapbooks.

I’m self-taught, although I had to relearn due to memory loss caused by a health issue in September of 2014. My current passion is Photo Art. I also enjoy sewing and canning preserves, an art I hope to pass on to future generations.

Leslie introduced me the “Artsy” side of digital designs. If you haven’t checked out her beautiful work you are missing out!! I knew the first time I saw her work that she was a natural! It has been a pleasure and an honor to watch her journey.

We thank you all for visiting North and South. There are so many places online and you chose to visit with us, for that we are grateful.



Leslie of Artfully Yours, Leslie:

Hi! I’m Leslie.  I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, right outside of Watkins Glen!

In October, 2015, I came across digital scrapbooking. I had so much fun playing.  I then came across a class called Photoshop Artistry, which lead to Awake and then Kaizen, all taught by Sebastian Michaels.  North and South Studios was opened in 2016, with me selling under the name lsdzines, however, within that year, both Sherry and myself went on a long break from the store.  During my time away, I was learning all things Photoshop, creating works that have sold in art galleries.  Excitingly, I found myself not only published for several months between August 2016 to the present time (I am writing this in November 2017) in the international magazine, Living the Photo Artistic Life, I was also selected as the Featured Artist for Issue No. 28, published in June 2017!! How cool is that?!   There is also a tutorial of one of my pieces at Shift Art, another site devoted to learning compositing in Photoshop.  I had a pretty exciting time away from my store, but, now it’s time to get back!

All my products in the store are inspired by actual art projects I am either currently working on or in the process of creating.  My current goal and style is to create mixed media types of art digitally.  I love the look of mixed media so much! Making things that aren’t real look real is such a fun challenge. I enjoy playing with lights and shadows! Some of the items you will find in my shop, however,  are extracted photos of the real thing.

At the time I came across digital scrapbooking, I also came across Sherry, aka Nellie Bell.  I relied heavily on Sherry to teach me the ropes of selling scrapbook-type products in an online store.  After a solid friendship was established, we decided to become business partners.  Since I am from New York and she is from Georgia, we decided North and South Studios was a fitting name for our business partnership!