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How can I contact you?
There are two places you can contact us.  First, you can contact me directly (Leslie) at leslieschraderfagnan@gmail.com.  Unless there is something major going on in my life to prevent this, I will get an email there first.  However, as a back up, you can also contact us (me or Sherry) at our store email address:  northandsouthstudios@gmail.com.  Sherry and I check this email several times a day.  Please allow us 24 hours to get back to you, but rest assured, we will most definitely get back to you.

Where are my downloads?
You will receive an email with the links to your downloads, however, if you don’t get this right away (even after checking your spam folder), you can also find them on the site.   Click My Account, then scroll down to Downloads.  Of course, if you are still having any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us!

How do I download?
When you receive your email, click the link that says Download.  From the site, Click Download and it will bring up every purchase you have made.

What happens if I don’t get my email regarding downloads?
First, check your spam folder.  Sometimes our emails go there instead of to your inbox.  Second, follow the instructions above about checking your downloads under My Account.  As always, if you still don’t have access to your files, email us immediately and we will take care of it for you.

What happens if I have a problem with a file?
We try very hard to make sure every single file is working before we release it in the store, however, some things may slip through the cracks.  Things sometimes happen on the website end, and it corrupts a file.  Although this is very rare, it has happened, and the most common of those is a 403 error.  Contact us immediately and we will get with the designer whose product you purchased for them to provide you with a new link.

How can I be considered for a future position as a designer?
We currently aren’t accepting scrapbook kit designers as all of those positions are full, however, we may consider photo artist resource designers.  Please contact Sherry at northandsouthstudios@gmail.com about your interest.  Please provide a link to your work during your inquiry.

Who owns this store?
North and South Studios is a partnership between Leslie Schrader-Fagnan and Sherry Seals Jewell.  You can find either of us on Facebook.

What is the resolution of the products I will be purchasing?
North and South Studios only allows 300 ppi products to be sold in our store.  If you have come across a file that is 72 ppi (tagger size), please let us know immediately so we can rectify the situation.

Can I download my digital kits again?
Yes, you may!  How many times, however, depends on the individual designer.  If you look under the Downloads section in My Account, it will show you how many downloads you have left.

How long do I have to download?
Again, this could vary by designer, however, most designers have left the time frame as indefinitely.  This means you can come back and download your product as long as our store is in existence.

What are the terms of use for your products?
Each designer has their own terms of use.  Please read your designer’s TOU document here.

Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, no.  Due to the nature of digital downloads, refunding is not allowed.  If you have a problem with a file from a designer, please contact us and we will get with the designer to work towards a solution that is fair for everyone.

What is AU, CU, PU, CU4CU, S4H, S4O?
You may see these letters on previews. Please refer to your designer’s TOU document to see what their terms are for each, as not all designers allow the same things.

AU is Artistic Use.
  Generally, this means you can purchase a product for use in your finished art piece that you offer for sale in places such as art galleries, Zazzle, book covers (requires an extended AU license – please contact your designer for pricing), etc.

CU:  Commercial Use.  This means you may purchase a product to create a new product to resell for personal use.

PU:  Personal Use.  This license type means you can only use this for your own personal use, however, usually gift giving is acceptable.  There can be no monetary gain on a personal use product.

CU4CU:  Commercial Use for Commercial Use.   CU4CU products can be purchased to create new products that you offer for sale to your customers for commercial use.

S4H:  Scrap for Hire:  You may create products for your client that pays you as long as you are delivering said product as a flattened jpg and not giving them the layered file.

S4O:  Scrap for Others:  You may create products for your client that pays you as long as you are delivering said product as a flattened jpg and not giving them the layered file.

Are there Facebook groups I can join?
Yes!  North and South Studios has a Facebook Group.  We would love for you to join us!  Other designers may also have their own Facebook groups and/or pages, so feel free to join those as well!

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